Needhamair incorporates only the highest quality components into our smart designs.  We have a range of controllers available offering the latest in technology for efficient heating and cooling solutions.


Allowing users to regulate temperature, adjust settings, and optimize energy efficiency for enhanced comfort and cost savings.

Controllers play a crucial role in air conditioning systems, allowing users to effortlessly manage and customise their indoor climate. With advanced technological intelligence, modern controllers offer intuitive interfaces and smart functionalities, providing users with greater convenience and control over their cooling and heating systems.

These controllers enable precise temperature adjustments, fan speed regulation, and even scheduling features, allowing users to program their AC units to operate at specific times, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency. With the ability to monitor and adjust settings remotely through smartphone apps or Wi-Fi connectivity, controllers provide users with the flexibility to manage their air conditioning systems from anywhere, at any time. Whether it’s a simple wall-mounted controller or a smart temperature sensor, these devices enhance the overall user experience by providing seamless control and customisation options for optimal comfort.

Beyond convenience, controllers also contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings. Many modern controllers are equipped with advanced sensors that monitor and optimise the system’s performance based on factors such as room occupancy, outdoor temperature, and humidity levels. By dynamically adjusting cooling and heating operations, these controllers ensure that energy is used efficiently, minimising wastage and reducing running costs.

Overall our range of modern controllers not only provides convenience but also contributes to energy efficiency, cost savings, and a more sustainable approach to cooling and heating.

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Zone Controller

  • Touch Screen, back lit LCD panel
  • Control 4 or 8 zones
  • Built in Temperature, Movement and Brightness Sensors
  • Auto fan speed control
  • Averaging sensor control
  • Wi-Fi compatible – with Google Home and Amazon Alexa Voice Control
  • Energy saving functions
  • Mitsubishi Electric Zone Controller Brochure

LCD Controller

  • Backlit LCD
  • Weekly Timer
  • Energy Efficient Control Fucntions
  • 0.5C Set Point adjustment
  • Dual Set Point

Touch Remote Controller

  • Full Colour Touch Controller – 3.5in LCD
  • Available in White or Black
  • Customisable Display
  • Communicate with Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth  Technology
  • MEA Touch Remote Controller

Air Touch 5

  • 8″ high resolution touch screen
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Integrated all in one, zone management system
  • Stylish touch screen display with customisable themes
  • WiFi / Remote app control
  • Individual temperature control technology (AT5) (additional sensors required)
  • Smart energy management features
  • Control multiple air conditioners
  • See the YouTube videos below for more information

Air Touch 2+

  • AT2 – 7″ high resolution touch screen
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • WiFi / Remote app control
  • Control multiple air conditioners

Neo Controller

  • Available in jet black or ceramic white
  • LED wall glow – identifies mode enabled (heat, cool, etc)
  • Integrated zoning
  • Precise comfort control – set your desired temperature in 0.5`C degree increments
    Built in wi-fi control with the neo connect app

8-zone Controller

  • 8 Zone Control
  • On Board Sensor

Zone Controller

  •  ESP Mode
  • On Board Sensor

LG Premium Controller

  • Colour touch screen controller
  • Control up to 8 zones
  • Energy monitoring
  • Filter clean information
  • Child lock

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47 years of delivering excellence

Recently, I needed to replace the 18 year old ducted heating and A/C system in my apartment. When researching options on the internet, I was delighted to see that Needham Air was still in business - having used them 30+ years ago! Paul Needham did a site inspection prior to providing a detailed quote that included how they would would manage the specific challenges of an inner city location and an apartment on an upper level of a large high rise complex. The installation was on time and demonstrated outstanding project/timeline/logistics planning and management. Communication was excellent, staff were professional, very pleasant and demonstrated great teamwork - as did the contractors (electrician John, and plasterers James and Jarrad). I highly recommend Needham Air. It was a very difficult job - and I can’t fault them. My experience definitely confirms that you get what you pay for!
Margaret Hilbert
Margaret Hilbert
I can’t speak too highly of this family owned and run business. They really care about their customers. They installed my Actron ducted reverse cycle air conditioner over 9 years ago and have serviced and maintained it for me each year. Its used almost daily, continuously 24/7 in summer and hasn’t missed a beat, until recently and it needed a repair. They were quick to respond with a fault diagnosis. Their very polite, respectful and efficient technician came back with the needed part and got us back up and running. Keep up the great work Needhamair !
V Bradley
V Bradley
I am a returning customer to Needham Air. Hard to believe our previous Mitsubishi reverse cycle air-conditioner stopped working after 24 years! LOL That's why I went straight to Paul Needham to purchase another Mitsubishi reverse cycle air-conditioning unit. Paul's knowledge and professional approach ensured we were happy with the explanation of how the new system worked and it was promtply installed. I highly recommend Needham Air to anyone requiring a reverse cycle air conditioning system.
Cassandra Stewart
Cassandra Stewart
From first contact through to installation, everyone was friendly and professional. Very happy with my purchase. I would highly recommend Needhamair.
Narayani Palmer
Narayani Palmer
Needham were the second installer we contacted and absolutely blew the first one out of the water with the quality of their design and the units supplied. Dave's design was efficient and took into account our need to keep everything as hidden as possible from the exterior. The install was fast despite being quite a complicated retrofit, the sparky Mark was great, and everything is practically invisible. Can't recommend Dave, Mark and the team highly enough.
Magnus Newman
Magnus Newman
Installation of a ducted reverse cycle airconditioning system, plus removal of an old evaporative system, and 2 old split systems. From the initial showroom contact, thhrough to site assessment, design & installation, the experience was a positive one. The staff (at all stages) were friendly, professional, efficient & worked well as a team. This is our second installation with this company & we would highly recommend.
Julie H
Julie H
Once again Needham does not disappoint with their quality of service and punctuality.
Alisa Fassetta
Alisa Fassetta
From the moment David turned up at the house for our quote, I knew this was going to go smoothly. David listened to what we wanted and supplied alternatives, which were excellent. On the follow up meeting with David and the installer the plan, for three seperate systems was further refined. The installation was smooth and on time, the installation was excellent and all rubbish was removed from site. My elderly mother is extremely happy with the final result. All round excellent job
Simon Hollingshead
Simon Hollingshead
Thanks, Needham Air for your wonderful customer service and attention to detail! You were able to diagnose and repair our A/C system in no time at all and were extremely easy to deal with. We appreciate it very much & wouldn't go anywhere else!
Tammy Norton-Smith
Tammy Norton-Smith